The Rise of Cloud Gaming

Abhijith J
2 min readAug 20, 2020

Cloud gaming has been rising up the ranks of the hyped-up buzzwords on the Internet. And many companies are betting big on this technology. Thus, it can be safe to assume once the 5G becomes mainstream, cloud gaming is going to take off.

Cloud gaming deals with allowing games to run on remote servers and streaming them straight to users. Thus, the user can play any game without having to own a high-end machine. Right now, with the available internet speeds, the gaming experience might not be hassle-free but we can expect the speeds to rise exponential which makes the experience seamless.

Lately, many big corporations have identified cloud gaming to be a real money-spinner. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are openly working on it. Eight months back Google released their Stadia controller capable of streaming video games at 4k at 60-fps. Even though the reviews were good, some complained about the lag in streaming. Microsoft is working on Xcloud and once perfected, it could draw a large crowd due to the existing ecosystem of video games available on Xbox.

Proper investment and tested technology with holistic content can deem any service a success. With the rise in on-demand services supported by an ongoing pandemic, cloud gaming would bring in a new group of people to the world of gaming and can yield profits. It is no wonder why the tech majors are after this.

It is difficult to predict the fate of the console industry as it has been here of years and offers legacy. Many argue that it would remain intact but it is possible that they may suffer a blow when cloud gaming becomes mainstream. The odds are for cloud gaming as you need not buy new games, additional specs, or even a new system altogether when the old one becomes outdated. All you need to do is pay for the subscription making it an attractive offer.