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This article provides a very brief introduction to creating chatbots using Python. We will be using Flask to set up the backend to our chatbot. So a brief idea about both Python and Flask would be helpful in understanding this tutorial.

Creating a bot using BotFather

BotFather is a bot provided by telegram that will help us create a bot. Search for Botfather on telegram and follow the instructions given. Once you have completed it, they will give you a token that needs to copied down. Make sure that you keep your token a secret.

Structure of a Flask app

Before you proceed, you need to make sure that you have Flask installed. …

Cloud gaming has been rising up the ranks of the hyped-up buzzwords on the Internet. And many companies are betting big on this technology. Thus, it can be safe to assume once the 5G becomes mainstream, cloud gaming is going to take off.

Cloud gaming deals with allowing games to run on remote servers and streaming them straight to users. Thus, the user can play any game without having to own a high-end machine. …

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NoCode platforms are software that allows users to build their own applications without having to code. Recently, there has been an increase in such platforms in the market allowing for the democratization of app development. Back in the days, one had to learn a set of languages to develop apps. Then platforms emerged to facilitate the development of native apps which essentially means that you have to code only one version of your app for both android and iOS. Now, this latest surge in NoCode platforms will help anyone with minimal coding background to build apps.

The NoCode platforms are not a new thing. In fact, it has been here for years. It started off by enabling the common man to build websites by drag and drop methodologies thus eliminating the need to learn development languages. Some companies achieved extraordinary growth by bringing such drag and drop tools to the market. Lately, this method has ported itself to the app development market. What this means is that, if you are a small business owner with a need to digitize your store, you don't have to find a developer and pay big money to get a scalable app. You can find a ton of websites that help you build the app of your choice and that too for less money. The extra cash you spent on the developer will be in your pockets by sacrificing the flexibility of the app. This trend does posses some dangers to the developers who earn a living by freelancing and building apps for small businesses. Being a developer myself, I hate to admit that building apps from such platforms are easier than building one from scratch, thus underwhelming the developer industry. Obviously, you need someone to write the code for the NoCode platform but that represents only a small portion of the engineers. …

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A few days back I finished reading The White Tiger by Anand Adiga. It has been 12 years since the book was published and the facts are more true now that it was then. It's a common phenomenon in the social media comments section to see people taking unnecessary pride in the achievements we have. I am not saying that we shouldn’t. It's important to acknowledge the success we have got in space missions and in other strategic areas. But we shouldn’t allow it to blind us. The patriotism that we have in ourselves should not turn into a nationalism that turns a blind eye to the atrocities faced by India. In our school days, we were told to take pride in India and her glory but we were never taught to work for the betterment of our country. Now whenever I see words like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ or ‘Proud to be an Indian’, I think about the darkness(a reference to The White Tiger). It seems like we are conveniently forgetting the orphans sold to red light areas in Delhi and Bombay or the men and women who defecate in fields because of the lack of toilets or the Dalit boy who was beaten up or maybe even killed just because he managed to love a girl of upper caste. We forget about the rapes. Some even justify it. The notion of India as a whole and her unity have been lost for some time. The very fact that the government has schemes for the betterment of people and still people are not benefitting shows the negligence and corruption at many layers. India has always given a polarizing figure to the world. And certain people of India have classified her into two. The New India or where all the metros and IT companies exist and the Old India where the dirt seeps into the lives of dwellers. But still, we cannot classify one part as idealistic because the seeds of profanity are still in all of us. The so-called modernist cannot dispose of the flawed and still take pride in India’s cricket and space program. These days, the vigilantes which check the nationalism of fellow Indians are on a rise. They police each other and believe that they have got the right to batter anyone who fails to chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. Such vigilantes are invalidating themselves. They are somehow under a false notion that such chants would automatically make the country better. We need to realize that our country is far from perfect. People are dying without getting food, water, and even ambulance. Caste system predominantly exists these days and unless we are willing to take off the blinds of nationalism, India is doomed to fail at the world stage. And the last thing one should do is taking pride in Ancient India. For all we know, India was always occupied people of different race and the country was always welcoming of people of difference. That has been our ethos and It should be. …

Recently a Korean reality TV show showed a mother meeting her dead six-year-old daughter using Virtual Reality. The mother who wore a VR headset along with haptic gloves was seen stroking her daughter and soon tears started rolling down her cheeks. This event cannot be considered as a technological milestone as the technology used was here for years. But the ability of the people to combine all these different technologies to provide an out of the world experience should be appreciated. This, in fact, opens the door for a new kind of business whose morality can be argued. On one side we have this intelligent culmination of various technologies and how this would help a grieving mother soothe her pain and on the other side, it's morally wrong to milk someone's emotions for personal gains. I truly don’t know how accurate the attributes were regarding the sound or the mannerisms but the scope of this exhibition is way higher. …


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